Membership+ Now Live!

New Site, new feature.

Welcome to TAG's brand new on-line web-space.

Over the last few month TAG and Perchpole Media has been working hard to upgrade our online experience, bringing you the best, easiest to use, colourful and interactive web-site in the world of miniature wargaming.

The new site has many new features; Including all the old favourites, the Gallery and the Workbench, and a host of new things, our Blog, the Facebook Wall and a Membership system. Members can Comment on News and Articles, post up pictures in their own personal Galleries, as  well as compile Wish lists and log their Favourite pages.

All good stuff...

But also we are launching Membership+, which brings a whole host of other benefits, more Gallery space, access to TAG's Bespoke Service and FREE postage on all orders!

Membership+ cost £10 annually, the full details of which can be seen on your Profile page once logged in.

So please, log-in, Comment, Like, Share and enjoy.

Posted by peter brown on Thu 24th March, 2016 in General News

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Craig Rice Wed,16th Nov at 9:43 pm (November 16, 2016)

Will you be making any more figures for the 30 years war, ideally casualties, French and Spanish.


Guy Taylor Thu,14th Apr at 6:47 pm (April 14, 2016)

Hi Just joined ,
I've got a question regarding Membership +: TAG Bespoke Service?

Also about one of the renaissance packs , realistically are we likely to get any additional Transylvanians?

Guy T


peter brown Wed,20th Apr at 11:10 am (April 20, 2016)

In reply to: Guy Taylor at Thu 14th Apr 6:47 pm

HI Guy,

No New Transylvanian's in the near future, when we finally return to Return to our Eastward expansion we may look at the early Infantry but no promises...

Bespoke Service, when I finally get round to writing the web-page, will mean that you can get us to cast and what ever quantity of whatever minis you specifically require... Want 1 mini from 10 different pack? OK, no problem, want 73 of one particular mini? Yes Sirs, we can help with that... That sort of thing...

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