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Simon MacDowall Sat,15th Apr at 10:13 am (April 15)

I am still awaiting my Renaissance order from 3 March with no response to emails or posts. Some response would be appreciated


Marion Scott Thu,16th Mar at 10:27 pm (March 16)

Re my letter of 22nd Feb sent for attention of Peter Brown with cheque for £130 which has been cashed; have you despatched the order yet? - Figures ordered: Tarter starter army £65, Russian Traditional starter army £65 - totalling £130, plus free figure - the Ren-C-Priest. Have sent further letter dated today. Have tried ringing several times this week, no-one ever seems to answer the phone. Please contact me a.s.a,p and let me know what is happening. Have never had any acknowledgement so do not have an order number to give you!

Marion Scott


IAN WILLIAMS Sat,4th Mar at 1:34 pm (March 4)

Order 5416 07/02/2017 is it en route or anywhere near ready as yet.........?


IAN WILLIAMS Wed,8th Mar at 11:06 am (March 8)

In reply to: IAN WILLIAMS at Sat 4th Mar 1:34 pm

Still no sign of figures nor reply from your selves 29 days now, please reply.


willie anderson Wed,22nd Feb at 7:50 pm (February 22)

Hi large ottoman order placed 21st of January can you update me please with delivery date.


willie anderson Thu,23rd Feb at 2:32 pm (February 23)

In reply to: willie anderson at Wed 22nd Feb 7:50 pm

Hi can you please make contact and update me please.



Mike Cubbin Thu,9th Feb at 8:29 pm (February 9)

Order #5341 acknowledged on the 22nd January but neither hide nor hair of it yet seen. No response from email sent around on the 4th February either.


Davide Pedrazzi Thu,9th Feb at 12:01 pm (February 9)

order 5265 not yet arrived.
Davide Pedrazzi


Davide Pedrazzi Fri,3rd Mar at 3:53 pm (March 3)

In reply to: Davide Pedrazzi at Thu 9th Feb 12:01 pm

Order arrived. All ok. Thanks for bonus figure.


peter brown Fri,3rd Mar at 4:48 pm (March 3)

In reply to: Davide Pedrazzi at Fri 3rd Mar 3:53 pm

Hi Davide,

At last.


IAN WILLIAMS Wed,8th Feb at 11:29 am (February 8)

order 5343 22/01/2017 is it en route as yet.

Ian Williams

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